I Will Survive


Over the next few days I intend to start clearing out the blogroll. There are a number of blogs on the roll that have ceased to exist.

The question of the day is how many more blogs will cease to exist now that the election is over. I have contemplated the status of my blog. I have also noticed the traffic fall off here. Heck, I’ve even devolved to a Marsupial on the TTLB ecosystem.

Nonetheless, I’ve decided I enjoy this. I’m more than a year out from my first post and my traffic continues to increase. I have not yet really considered adding other bloggers to the site. In fact, I enjoy having my own site. My duties have expanded at Red State and I’ve stopped blogging at Political State Report.

My first priority is this site. I hope you’ll stick around this year and continue reading. Thanks for your past support and I look forward to hearing from you in the future.

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