Rumsfeld is going to bat for the Scouts.

“The Department of Defense takes great pride in its longstanding and rich tradition of support to the Boy Scouts of America,” said [a] letter [from Rumsfeld to House Speaker Hastert], a copy of which was obtained yesterday by The Washington Times. “Accordingly, the Department of Defense supports the proposed concurrent resolution expressing the sense of Congress that the Department of Defense should continue to exercise its statutory authority to support the activities of the Boy Scouts of America, in particular the periodic national and world Boy Scout Jamborees.”

The pledge to support jamborees is important because the ACLU’s 1999 lawsuit, in which the partial settlement was reached Nov. 15, also wants the federal court to ban the Pentagon from spending taxpayer money on Scout events. The Justice Department is fighting that demand. A ruling is pending.

The Pentagon spends about $2 million to support jamborees, including one at Fort A.P. Hill, an Army base in Virginia, which attracts about 40,000 troop members every four years.

The ACLU truly is doing the work of the Islamofascists — waging jihad with a law degree.