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I am off to Washington, D.C. this weekend. In the past I have made every effort to blog while I’m away. This time, I’m going to put the site on autopilot, so to speak. I have invited some of my daily must reads to guest blog at Confessions of a Political Junkie this weekend.

As I said the other day, I really admire the group efforts at Red State and PoliPundit. I don’t necessarily want to turn COAPJ into a group effort, but I think inviting other voices on occasion can be beneficial to the reader, to me, and to the guest blogger. I have asked one non-blogger to get his start here (he’s an author), two new bloggers, and a group of bloggers who maintain blogs that I have read ever since I started blogging. With a few invitations outstanding, starting Thursday (or as soon as I get their accounts set up), you can tune in here to read:

Mark A. Kilmer
Eric Lindholm of Viking Pundit
Jim Pfaff of Opinion Times
Brian the soon to be fellow bottom feeder of Tomfoolery of the Highest Order
Wes Roth
and John Kim the non-blogging author whose book you should buy.

I have two more invites outstanding. I know you are probably thinking “Holy crap! That many.” The answer is I did not flinch to ask so many talented people. I am truly honored that these guys who take time away to help keep my site going.

Each one has a different writing style, different thoughts, and a different background. They all have great ideas and I check them out every day. I think it’s cool that they’ll all be over here for a few days. I’ll update later as the last invites come in.

[UPDATE] Okay, this is so cool. John Behan has promised a few posts to keep us up to date on Virginia politics. You know, Virginia has its major state elections next year. John always has great analysis. Also, Sean Hackbarth of The American Mind, will be here. Sean and Mark Kilmer were the first two blogs (outside of Hugh Hewitt and Instapundit) that I regularly read when I first started blogging. I still read them every day, although Sean cares just a bit more about sports in Wisconsin than I do. No problem, though. He’s an iPod fan and a good guy too!

So, stay tuned for excellent political coverage this week.

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