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The day before the election, while I was at MSNBC, I heard rumblings among the left that Kos would be out of the gates on November 3, calling for Howard Dean to chair the DNC. Well, never one to disappoint, Kos did just that. Yesterday, Kos said he really did not think Dean would go for it. But, trial balloons are being circulated and, ABC News reports, Dean is supposedly considering it.

Politically, if Dean were to actively pursue the job, he would need to commit himself to the job to reassure the Hillary Clintons of the world who are considering a 2008 run. Dean, being a Democrat, would not be held to his word, but he would have to give it. We should not underestimate Howard Dean. He came from behind to nearly knock off Kerry until the murder-suicide in Iowa with Dick Gephardt (who pulled the trigger first remains a mystery). He energized a host of previously inactive would-be flower children and scared middle America in the process. Yet, as James Carville has said, Dr. Dean does give a compelling narrative that liberals love — not one I like, but then I did not care for The Handmaid’s Tale.

Howard Dean, if he plays his cards right, just might be able to save the Democrats by harnessing the crabgrassroots movement developed by bloggers like Kos and harnessed by Joe Trippi during the primaries. The key will be whether Dean is finally ready for prime time. If so, the Clinton wing of the Democratic party just might have met its match.

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