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John Lauck, a conservative blogger in South Dakota, has been live blogging the hearing that arose out of Tom Daschle sueing John Thune yesterday. Many conservative bloggers are wondering if Daschle has gone mad. It is probably not good press to run to court at the last minute suing the opponent. Powerline says that Daschle is showing desperation. Hugh Hewitt thinks the last minute lawsuit is “pathetic.”

Daschle’s campaign ran to court yesterday alleging that Republicans are or intend to intimidate Native American voters. The Daschle camp tried to get the judge to order the South Dakota GOP to stop poll watching on Indian Reservations. In the end, the judge issued an order blocking the GOP from writing down license plate numbers. Republicans are still bitter from the 2002 election where John Thune lost by 500 votes. The Republicans alleged voter fraud on Indian reservations. As a result, the GOP has been very aggressively coordinating poll watchers this year. For more information on Daschle’s suit, see here.

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  • I read an article from you on MSNBC stating that a man in PA was getting automated calls to deter him from voting. Just so this doesn’t seem one-sided, the Washington Post has a related article saying that the same type of calls are going out to people in SC stating that because of the large turnout, that Democrats are to vote Wednesday and flyers are being passed out saying that if you have numerous parking tickets, that you will be arrested if you vote.

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