As you all know, I’m a lawyer. Because I am tired of spammers, I have now placed the following text in the comment template:

Comment Policy: This site reserves the right to approve or delete any and all comments for any reason or no reason. Any advertisements posted in the comments section of this site are subject to a charge of $100.00 per advertising comment. By placing any comment on this site advertising any website or service, you are acknowledging, admitting, and accepting the jurisdiction and venue of the Georgia court system in Bibb County, Georgia, including, but not limited to the magistrate, state, and superior courts. Further, you are waiving all rights of access to the United States District Court of the Middle District of Georgia and fully consent to the jurisdiction of the court system of the State of Georgia. For purposes of this provision, advertising shall be considered any link to any site advertising, promoting, or supporting pharmaceuticals, travel, pornography, video, poker, or gambling. This provision may be modified at any time.

I intend to start aggressively pursuing spammers. I doubt this will do much good, but I am quite proficient at getting default judgments and enforcing them. The folks at seenudegrandma, texash0ldemforyou, and advertisingarticles be warned.

This has also necessitated me bringing back the Amazon pay button. Not that I expect you to give a donation (though it sure would be nice), but I have to provide an option for payment for these spam jerks.