According to this, John Kerry is buying into the hype.

Though he is going back to his old job as junior senator from Massachusetts, associates say Kerry will be doing it in a new way. He was “changed forever” by his presidential campaign, spokesman David Wade says, and returns “on a mission” to lead the nation toward affordable health care and “a foreign policy in the tradition of Roosevelt and Truman.”

Kerry is “looking ahead at how to be a voice for the 56 million people who voted for him,” his brother Cameron says. “There is a process of transformation that you undergo when so many people invest their hopes and aspirations in you and your campaign. You become enlarged by the weight of all that.”

Someone might want to remind Kerry that of those 56 million votes, half or more were not for Kerry, but against Bush. Is it not odd that Kerry is treating his 56 million votes as a mandate for something? For what? More opposition to Bush? It seems like that is what got him back to the Senate in the first place — that is to say he lost.

By the way, what ideas anyway? Kerry seemed to have no issues other than adopting the President’s issues while at the same time attacking the President for having those issues. The only consistent issue for Kerry was tax increases, which ain’t gonna happen.