Boot Berry


Arnold’s mother (whatchu talking ’bout Willis?!), ardent Communist, and Chairman (yeah dammit, Chairman) of the United States Civil Rights Commission, Mary Frances Berry, will not leave her post when her term expires. While her last name and actions suggest she is kin to crack head Marion Berry, Mary Frances Berry just acts like a crack head. Nonetheless, Ms. Berry, like Mr. Berry, shows little regard for our small “r” republican traditions — namely that when one’s term expires one should graciously step aside for the new Presidential appointee.

During her term, the US Commission on Civil Rights has been one of the most uncivil organizations. Running the operation like Stalin ran the Politburo, Ms. Berry has ignored dissent, run roughshod over rules and laws, and generally ignored any opinion that might conflict with her worldview, which can be boiled down to capitalist whitey is bad, communists of all races are good, black people should rise up with the working class and slaughter capitalist whitey.

Berry is a narrow minded thug. The sooner she is disposed of, the sooner the greater good will be served.

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