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No new point is really new and, brace yourself wife of mine, Newt Gingrich made the point the other day. Despite what we may think of Newton, his point was sound.

Before conservatives and Republicans start pushing their ideas through Congress, let’s make sure they are sound. Remember, liberals thought their ideas were sound (they still think the minimum wage is sound) and look at the disaster their ideas have caused to families, to schools, etc.

I am a conservative because I think it best to move carefully and slowly. I am worried about the continued fall of the dollar. I am worried that if Republicans rush through an agenda, it might just blow up in their face. Move slowly and carefully people.

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  • With Bush winning the election I don’t think the republicans with push bills thru congress that are not sound. We have 4 more years to continue to keep the country on the right track. I think a lot of the Bush doctrine will thru. My point is we don’t hace to rush we have 4 MORE YEARS to get things done.

  • You have hit on the main reason that moderates are a problem for our democracy. The butting of heads necessary for legislative action is necessary to take the nasty edges off any idea.

  • Have we ever discussed Newton? Yes, he does occasionally hit on something, which probably means he has been talking to Gaylord again. Joe knows the right things to say.

    Sure, we cannot risk destroying everything by rushing forward without a map. (The same could be said of intelligence teform, Mr. President.) But we also must not stall. That will be the Dems’ tactic with the best chances of success.)

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