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Regular readers know I’m not fond of anecdotal evidence. It usually means nothing and people who rely on it are generally fooling themselves. But, I would like to relate two separate conversations I have had in the last few days with two undecideds who were leaning towards Kerry. Both said they did not particularly care for either the President or Kerry, but thought Kerry would bring a breath of fresh air. But, they decided that electing Kerry would send a signal to the terrorists that we have surrendered the war and that Bush would more aggressively wage the war. Ultimately, these two undecided decided that they would vote for Bush for the sake of the country’s security.

Couple that with my father-in-law who has been undecided. He too has made up his mind for Bush on the security issue. For him to decide at this time to vote for Bush is compelling evidence to me that there are lots of undecideds who will be voting for the President simply because of the security issue. While I don’t share this view, what I’m hearing is that undecideds are coming to the realization that it is better to vote for the devil you know than the one you don’t. I have also heard two credibile “experts” voice the view of my two undecideds. Voters do not want to send a message of capitulation and surrender to terrorists and are afraid voting for Kerry will send such a message.

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  • It wasn’t just the security issue. He has finally realized that his values no longer match up with the values of the Democratic party. Or should I say the values of the Democratic party no longer match up with his values. It reminds me of Zell. There are people who were raised in the South during a time when being a “good Southerner” included being a Democrat. As those people become more educated on the party platforms, they see that their values and morals are not in agreement with the issues that are being pushed by the Democratic party.

    I know that as a Vietnam vet, he is concerned about security issues, but in Dad’s case, I believe that the moral issue is actually what tipped the scales for him. See, that Arnold stubborn streak paid off. I’ve been stubbornly pointing out the issues that are being pushed by the Democratic party, and Dad finally had to look at them and realize he could not continue to support them. Stubborn and Ornery… Erick will understand.

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