The Urban Legends Candidate


I said, after the first debate, that John Kerry’s new campaign theme was urban legends. Bob Novak agrees.

&#8220Kerry persisted in spreading urban legends.&#8221

For his part, Kerry persisted in spreading urban legends. He once again claimed that President Bush fired Gen. Eric Shinseki as chief of staff of the U.S. Army because he demanded more troops for Iraq. That is simply not true (as a Kerry military spinner, retired Gen. Wesley Clark, sheepishly admitted after the debate). Kerry insisted that North Korea obtained nuclear arms during the current Bush administration when in fact the breakthrough came under Bill Clinton.

Novak also makes a good point. The re-energized Democrats are that way, not because of Kerry, but because of Bush’s perceived weakness in the debate. That might become Bush’s October surprise. The public will have factored in Bush’s poor debate performance and will not hold him to a high standard for the second debate.

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