“Brown shirts” is not a phrase that can afford to be thrown around loosely. The left, in a paranoid frenzy, has cheapened the significance of Hitler and the Nazis by comparing every vocal person on the right side of the political spectrum with both. John Ashcroft has never, nor will ever, storm into your house, drag you out, and throw you in a gas chamber. If you are convinced he will, you have serious mental problems. So, in writing this, “brown shirts” is not a term used casually or for fun.

If, through voter fraud and violence, the left can capture the White House in a close election, it will most likely adopt those tools as a means of keeping power.

In Hunington, West Virginia, someone fired shots into the Republican Party headquarters during President Bush’s acceptance speech at the Republican Convention. In Bearden, Tennessee, a gunman fired shots into the Bush-Cheney headquarters. Luckily, in that case, the shots were fired early in the morning. In Orlando, Florida, members from the AFL-CIO stormed the Bush-Cheney headquarters to flood the office with postcards protesting Bush administration policies. In Madison, Wisconsin, someone burned a Nazi swastika on the lawn of a Bush-Cheney supporter. According to WISCTV, the brown shirts used grass killer to spray the swastika on the lawn. In Avon, Colorado, the brown shirts cut down a Bush-Cheney sign on private property and have been damaging cars with Bush-Cheney bumper stickers. In Randalltown, Maryland, a couple used bayonets to cut out the centers of several Bush-Cheney signs. In Duluth, Minnesota three teenage brown shirts destroyed Bush-Cheney signs by painting swastikas and the word “nazi” on them. In Nashville, Tennesse a group of teenagers stole 71 Bush-Cheney signs. In Rapid City, South Dakota signs of Republicans John Thune and Larry Diedrih were stolen and destroyed.

In the 1930’s, Hitler used gangs dressed in brown shirts to control the citizenry through intimidation, fear, and violence. The efforts going on now, with the exception of union conduct, are uncoordinated, but generally amount to a campaign of intimidation and fear directed at Republican voters. John Kerry keeps telling black voters that Bush wants to deny them the vote. Yet, in areas around the nation, black voters are bused to polling locations and, in some cases, intimidated into voting Democratic. In fact, data from Broward County, Florida, shows that the voter most likely to be disenfranchised in 2000, was the black voter who wanted to vote Republican. (See Minority Opinion of the U.S. Civil Rights Commission).

Fear and intimidation are real in American politics. The left has become desperate for a win. Republicans are, as an institution, comfortable with being out of power because, after all, Republicans generally seek to reduce the role of government. Lefties, on the other hand, cannot handle being out of power — especially after being in power for so long. The left understands that to advance its agenda, it must be in power. So now the left will resort to voter fraud and violence to regain the Presidency.

No Democrat can be happy with what happened to Al Gore. He did, after all, win the popular vote. But, that is not the way the game had to be played and he knew it. Now, the left seems intent on breaking all rules necessary to gain power. If, through voter fraud and violence, the left can capture the White House in a close election, it will most likely adopt those tools as a means of keeping power.

As Hugh Hewitt’s new book says, “if it ain’t close, they can’t cheat.” We must not let this be a close election.