The Nader Factor


Fox News has its new poll out, available here in pdf.

Here’s something I’ve noticed. Fox’s poll is a good example. When Nader is factored in, Bush goes down too. Are there really a sizable portion of morons who, when confronted with the choice of Bush and Nader would go for Nader, but, when confronted with Bush and Kerry, would go for Bush?

In fact, in this poll, with Nader added Bush loses a point and Kerry loses nothing.

There must be one village idiot out there screwing things up.

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  • I have a question about 3-way polls: Are the pollsters asking about Nader in states where he isn’t on the ballot? How many Nader supporters will be writing him in when he is left off the ballot?

    I just got my absentee ballot for California. No Nader in sight.

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