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How do you know when the Democrats are scared? They aggressively race bait.

In 1998, the Georgia Democrats were faced with an aggressive campaign by Republicans for state offices. Right before the election the Democrats sent out flyers to black voters in middle Georgia and the Atlanta suburbs that featured Klansmen and burning crosses along with information on various Republican candidates. In 2000, the Democrats sent out this piece.


The front side of it read, “Georgia Republicans Aren’t Just Against Hate Crimes . . .”

In the 2000 Presidential race, the NAACP inflammed black voters with the now famous James Byrd ad that linked George Bush to the murder of Mr. Byrd in Texas. This year, lefty political group Americans Coming Together (“ACT”) is at it again. This time, in Ohio, ACT is distributing a flyer in black communities that accuses Republicans of conspiring to supress black turnout. It is a standard tactic when the liberals need to drive up black votes. This year it will be even more critical. According to the Associated Press, the President has more than doubled his support among black voters. While the AP plays it as a positive for Kerry, the fact is Bush has done tremendously well courting black voters, particularly black evangelicals.

Recently, the Democrats have had to pull out Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton to fire up black voters. In my neck of the woods, local black politicians are going into neighborhoods with vans driving black voters to the polls, lecturing them the whole time on how evil the Republicans are. The Democrats do this all the time. The fact that they have had to drag Jesse and Al out of the closet in the past few weeks is revealing. The Democrats know a liberal Boston politicians will not do much to inspire black voters across the nation.

Be on the lookout for typical Democratic race baiting from here on out. Document it in the comments section here.

1.Given how the Democrats have a vested interest in keeping black voters on the Democratic plantation through fear tactics, I suppose this post could have been called Master Baiters United.

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