Bush’s schedule has him listed as being in Crawford, TX for the next two days. Is he really going to sit out two days from the campaign trail?

So, here’s my question of the day: Is George W. Bush about to surprise everyone and show up in Iraq?

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  • I would have to say no.

    There is little that he could gain from the electorate. From all the polls, Bush already has the vast majority of the military vote and his will come across as simple politicking back here in the States.

    It won’t display a “resoluteness” on his part because many people view Iraq as a mess and by Bush visiting there, he isn’t going to be able to “fix” anything. So there is minimal good that it can do him.

    The people who view his as a brave fighter of terrorism are going to vote for him anyways. And the last thing he needs to do is put more troops in danger by having them to pull escort duty for him around Iraq. Cause you know the terrorists would SuperSize their crazy any would be willing to do anything to knock of the most powerful man in the world.

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