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Treat this, if you will, as an open thread to add your pre-debate thoughts. A real debate open thread will be opened later.

First, Bush does have to do well tonight. Luckily, he tends to excel in these forums and Kerry does not necessarily do so well. Unfortunately, unless Bush does an outstanding job, the media will play this as a Kerry win because that is what they want.

Second, reports are out on the newswires that Democratic operatives have been able to make it past the Gallup screeners to get into the debate. See this post on American Brown Shirts. If these Democrats overplay their hand, it may cause a sympathy backlash for Bush.

Third, I may be too nervous to actually watch the thing tonight.

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  • You do your mostly-conservative readers a disservice by downplaying Kerry in these forums. You’re a consultant, you know about the expectations game. In the two or three times I’ve watched him at work on CSPAN, he’s done really well once, okay another time, and not so well the other time. Conventional wisdom says Bush should have an ever-so-slight edge, but I for one won’t know for sure until after I watch.

  • There is no better word to describe this debate for Bush than mistake. This entire race will come down to a foreign policy issue (Iraq) and there is nothing Bush has to gain from 2 debates with Kerry on domestic issues.

    Sure, Bush may be good with the folks, but Kerry is good as well. Plus, with the vitrolic nature of discourse going on in this country these days, I don’t trust the audience (from either political persuasion) in this forum either.

    For Bush, this debate is a mistake. It will not help him one-one hundreth of a percentage point, but can (and most likely will) hurt him. Kerry speaks well on his feet and should win this debate as well.

    And if that happens, Kerry could very well be on the way to winning in 3 weeks.

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