The other day, Dick Cheney said, roughly, “John Kerry would say or do anything to get elected.” Well, after blowing the “faith” answer in the last debate and, no doubt, seeing it reflected in his internal polls, Kerry has decided to become a man of faith, which will only drive his lefty followers crazy.

John F. Kerry is evolving from a reserved Catholic reluctant to discuss faith in the public square into a Democratic preacher of sorts who speaks freely and sometimes forcefully about religion on the hustings.

From the pulpit to the pastures, Kerry is increasingly spreading a more spiritual message and visiting local churches, as he did the past two days in Ohio, to expound on the political lessons of the Bible’s James and Saint Paul.

Back in the 1990’s, the Democrats would sick the IRS on any conservative religious organization that acted too favorably towards the Republicans. In the spirit of Democrats Delenda Est, the Republicans need to go after these church groups and PFAW type non-profits that support the Democrats and inflict some retribution.

In the meantime, Kerry will most likely come across as foolish as he did during the debates. Kerry obviously doesn’t get the “religion thing” and this will be seen as just another cheap and tawdry trick.