Jann S. Wenner has interviewed John Kerry for Rolling Stone. Most of the media has fixed on this comment about the color coded warning system

I think Americans, sadly, laugh at it. They don’t know what to do. . . .I’m going to find some more thoughtful way of alerting America.

Always ponderous, I can only picture John Kerry’s more thoughtful way. “Oh my God! We’re all going to die. No, we’re not. Yes we are. Oh God, Teresa help!”

I, on the other hand, focused on this

What do you mean when you say you know how to do [win the war in Iraq]?

I’ve spent thirty-five years dealing with these kinds of issues. When I came back from fighting in a war, I fought against the war here in America. As a senator, I led the fight to stop Ronald Reagan’s illegal war in Central America. I helped expose Oliver North and Manuel Noriega. I’ve been at this for a long time. You know, I led the initial efforts to change our policy on the Philippines — which ultimately resulted in the elections, and became part of the process that helped get rid of Marcos.

I negotiated personally with the prime minister of Cambodia, to get accountability for the killing fields of the Pol Pot regime. I’ve negotiated with the Vietnamese to let me and John McCain in and put American forces on the ground to resolve the POW-MIA issue. I’ve spent twenty years on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee; I’ve been chairman of the Narcotics Terrorism Subcommittee. I have five times the experience George Bush does in dealing with these issues, and I know that I can get this done.

John Kerry fought in the war and then fought against the war. Is there no better personal summation for his career? He also led the fight to stop Reagan from combatting the encroachment of communism into Central America. Thanks for that, John! Oh, and I’m sure your lefty friends will thank you for making Oliver North a hero of the right.

Kerry did, in all honesty, sponsor an amendment to Senate Bill 960 back in 1985. The Senate was considering a pre-existing resolution calling for democracy and free elections in the Philippines. in 1995, Kerry sponsored the amendment to SB 960, a foreign aid bill, adopting Richard Lugar’s resolution. Of course, reviewing the 98th and 99th Congress, one finds dozens and dozens of pieces of legislation on the Philippines and Kerry managed to introduce this one amendment and serve a co-sponsor to legislation on the importation of sugar from the Philippines. Yeah, John. That’s leading the initial efforts. I guess your dynamic personality prevented you from expanding your work in the area beyond the “initial efforts.”

Kerry notes that he spent a lot of time being a member of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. During that time he obstructed efforts by Reagan to rid the world of communism, he actively opposed anti-communist measures, he obstructed aid to those who fought for freedom, and he voted against most significant weapons systems.

Kerry, in unscripted interviews, cannot help but be proud of fighting for and against the Vietnam war and establishing himself as a lefty “do nothing but obstructionist.”