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October 7, has particular significance here in Georgia. It is the final day of the disclosure report period. Candidates running for office in Georgia must file a financial disclosure report showing all monies collected and spent from July 1, 2004, through September 30, 2004. Today is the final day to file that report without penalty.

Two of my candidates have people to assist in the filing. One, however, relies on me to prepare his filings. Regardless of who does what for whom, they are odious tasks if you have raised any money. Luckily, the guy for whom I prepare has an accountant for a wife. She makes sure everything balances to the penny.

Well, we got great news this afternoon. One of my candidates has about $15,000.00 more cash on hand than his opponent, who, by the way, has terrible fundraising skills. The opponent has raised total about $24,000.00 and my client has raised over $60,000.00. My guy also had a contested primary.

The client whose report I prepare will show over $68,000.00 cash on hand. His opponent? He only has $1,230.00. Heh. The opponent has only raised about $10,000.00 total. My guy has raised over $100,000.00. My guy also had a contested primary. Why so poor on the Democratic side? Well, the district is overwhelmingly, unbelievably Republican. The opponent Democrat has virtually no chance of winning.

For all the frustration, today was a good day.

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