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In addition to more private whispers of Democratic worry becoming public, here is another blow to Kerry:

The [New York Daily] News endorsed Clinton and Gore in the three races beginning with 1992, each time judging their domestic agendas in the best interests of the American people. But it is no longer Sept. 10th. The world has changed. And nowhere has it been more tragically altered than in New York. And nowhere are the stakes higher. . . .

Returning Bush to office is the wise course, The News believes, despite our sharp disagreement with his domestic policies. Those pale in comparison with the overarching challenge of securing the nation and preserving New York’s vital way of life. Of the two candidates, Bush has the clearer vision for accomplishing the goal, as well as the greater experience. He gets our endorsement.

In post 9/11 America, the portion I have emphasized is what will carry Bush over the finish line.

To me, at least, it is very telling that the Kerry campaign insisted on beating Bush up about Iraq in the final week of the campaign. As soon as Osama reared his fugly head, the Kerry campaign decided it was time to change the subject to the domestic agenda. John Kerry does not have the experience or capabilities to lead decisively in these challenging times.

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