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I cross posted the piece below to Red State. There has been a lot of conversation there on the piece.

The Republicans are mostly in agreement that the terminology is accurate. The Democrats dislike the comparison. Two suggested that the term “brown shirts” cheapens who the brown shirts were, much as the introductory paragraph cautioned against.

Let me set out a few more points.

First, I do not think most Democrats or liberals are brown shirts or thugs. However, the national Democratic party has repeatedly turned a blind eye to overwhelming evidence that voter fraud is occuring through registration and absentee ballot mail ins. While the Democratic party may not be a party to the activities, groups loyal to the Democrats are commiting the fraud and Democrats nationally are actively pursuing policies that would get rid of voter identification requirements for voting.

Second, tearing up campaign signs will always happen. But, the prevalence of swastika paintings and “nazi” paintings on signs, shooting through signs, and cutting down big signs on private property is much more extensive in the past. Republicans do it too. However, the intensity against Bush’s signs is overwhelming.

Third, the AFL-CIO’s storming of the Orlando office was only to leave post cards. It was not, unfortunately, the only office stormed in the past week, just the only one I wrote about. The conduct of union thugs who seek to intimidate voters is comparable to their intimidation of non-union employees. If the unions have their way, there really would be a brown shirt brigade. Their recent history, I think, gives ample evidence of that.

Fourth, I do not think that there is yet an organized “brown shirt brigade.” I do think that, if the politically active left, views a win in this election as accomplished through the intimidation and violence they are currently engaged in, there will be an organized brigade.

Fifth, I don’t think that most of the left is like this, but neither do I think that in most cultures a large group of any political party is like this. There are, however, larger numbers than there should be, of violent lefties on college campuses and in unions who see nothing wrong with silencing those who disagree with them and commiting acts of vandalism to forcibly tune out those with competing ideas.

In short, Republicans and Democrats, conservatives and liberals all do stupid crap to each other in a campaign season. I am, however, unaware of any major incidents in past years of union thugs storming offices, shots being fired into offices, etc. The fact that prominent Democrats of national stature have not come forward to condemn what is, in fact, intimidation mostly aimed at Republicans is rather pitiful.

Finally, I think the one thing that could best be done is remove Terry McAwful as head of the DNC. His immature, fratboy antics serve as a great example to the college lefties who like to shout down instead of debate and punch instead of handshake.

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