In addition to hurling everything at his opponent, when a candidate is urging voters to wake up, he is either named Ralph Nader, or his internal polls have tanked.

Democratic challenger John Kerry urged Americans on Friday to “wake up” and choose a new start on the economy and Iraq instead of four more years of President Bush’s “catastrophic mismanagement.”

Four days before the United States chooses its next commander in chief, the Massachusetts senator told supporters in Orlando they could not afford to re-elect Bush, “a president who’s unwilling to admit the mistakes he’s made and says he would do the same thing all over again.”

In the last of nine “closing argument” speeches in which Kerry laid out what he called the clear choices voters face on Tuesday, the former prosecutor offered a summary of his case: a fresh start versus more failed policies.

Conjuring up the image of a woman walking into a voting booth thinking about her husband fighting in Iraq, he said: “On Tuesday, you have the choice to give her hope. You have the choice to give America a fresh start.”

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  • …it’s the latter–they’ve tanked. And watch New Jersey on Tuesday night. If it falls, Pennsylvania, Ohio and Michigan will topple as well.

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