Jay and I Saw the Ad


Jay Reding saw the ad. I saw the ad.

It was absolutely horrible. It will drive libertarian voters to Bush. Dear God. If you are running for President, do not make a commercial like Michael Badnarik. It was awful.

The actors were terrible, the “approved by” portion was shot on cheapee tape, and the whole ad sucked with the quality of an amateur’s first time on Apple’s iMovie. Actually, that insults iMovie users. They can do better than this.

It’s now time for Badnarik to go back to where ever he came from. His fifteen minutes are up and he used them poorly.

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  • I just saw the ad in New Hampshire. I just looked at it and laughed. An evil, maniacle laugh.

    Badnarik would have done his campaign better to get some air time where he had hired a prefessional ball kicker to kick him in the balls for 30 seconds…and then have him fall over.

    **high squeeky voice** “I’m Michael Badnarik, and I am so desperate for you to know who I am, that I am forced to approve this message.”

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