It Is Almost Over


Zogby ups Bush again.

President Bush holds a slim three-point lead over Democratic rival John Kerry one week before the Nov. 2 presidential election, according to a Reuters/Zogby poll released on Tuesday.

Bush led Kerry 49-46 percent in the latest three-day national tracking poll, maintaining a stable lead on the Massachusetts senator as the White House rivals head down the stretch. Bush led Kerry 48-45 percent the day before.

Let’s be realistic here too. All of us. If Bush can get outside the margin of error in the polling average by Friday, he’s sitting pretty. If Kerry gets ahead of his at all, the right is going to have to be worried. If Bush stays ahead, but inside the margin of error, we’re all going to have to work like our lives depend on it — both right and left — to get our guy elected.

There is one week left, let’s get busy.

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