I’m Getting Nervous


I’ll admit to being nervous. The President is only ahead by about 3 points nationally and less in the swing states. A good ground game can pick up 2 points in the polls. With it being so close, I’m worried. The President needs to expand outside the margin of error by the end of this week or there is a very real, credible probability of a Kerry Presidency.

One week folks. Stay focused and get involved.

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  • Calm down. As long as all of us remember to get out and vote next week Bush will win. My main concern is that the win be big enough that the cheating doesn’t matter.

  • I agree with LargeBill. Kerry is spending too much time this last week in the “blue” states…means he is more than likely getting internals that tell him he is losing ground in states he should already have wrapped up.

    Bush will win if we make sure that everyone gets out to vote.

By Erick Erickson

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