During the free time I have had this past week I have been helping some friends put together a story. We have good stuff out there and we’re putting it together with a few others.

I am committed to not giving away the plot. But, I’ve been chasing Bulgarians. One day I might need to write a book — a collection of short stories from the porn tape to the novice opponent whose campaign leaks like a sieve. Chasing the Bulgarians will be the best chapter. I hope to be able to write about it soon.

A group of bloggers, led by one with an idea, put a theory together and, unfortunately, proved it to be true.

I chased the Bulgarians. I caught them. What they revealed was amazing. One day I’ll write a book. The 2004 campaign season has been amazing for my career and life. I have met some wonderful new friends and helped write an amazing story that is still, as I write this, being written.

I chased the Bulgarians and I had a lot of fun.