I have run into this a lot lately. If you want to run a political ad on radio or television and you are a candidate, please pay attention to this.

47 U.S.C. &#167 315 requires that candidates for any office seeking to use the airwaves for political messages at a political discount rate (the only rate political candidates are allowed to use) either say the “Paid for by XYZ” at the end of an ad or have their voice or face in the advertisement at some point. If it’s on television, the candidate must appear at the end of the ad, or have a picture of himself that his 4% of the vertical height of the TV.

Use the candidate’s voice to say “Paid for By XYZ.”

For the dumba**es out there who seem to never do this, use my “In Politics Follow The Leader Rule.” Here is free advice I otherwise charge $150.00 an hour for.

If everyone else is doing something, you probably want to be doing it too.

If every other candidate is speaking the disclaimer portion of an ad, by God you should be doing it too. Even without a lawyer, any idiot should be able to think, “Hmmm….There must be a reason every candidate has a tiny picture of himself on TV next to his disclaimer and speaks his disclaimer on the radio.”

If you don’t know that basic rule, get out of politics and let the professionals handle it.

I now step down from the soapbox.