For all of the delusional talking and speculating, here in reality, this last debate will matter. It will set the tone for the remaining two weeks. That’s just reality.

I’m more than a little nervous. Kerry does well in this setting. He excels at making up statistics off the cuff with which to beat up Bush. The media is ready to sell the “Kerry is a good closer” story line. Bush gets ticked easily.

There is a lot riding on this debate. I sure hope Bush does not blow it. I am worried that he will. But, then I remember a comment I read some time ago. Bush, an experienced poker player, likes to let everyone put all of their chips on the table and then reveal his cards. Pray that it will happen this time too.

A final point is worth noting. In the Senate, Kerry was known more for is positions on foreign policy than on domestic policy. As a Governor, Bush has more experience dealing with domestic policy than foreign policy. I wonder if throwing Bush into this debate is like throwing Br’er Rabbit into the briar patch.