Update [2004-10-8 10:36:41 by Erick]: Due to it’s nature, an up top update is best here. Ipsos/AP does now have its polling online. Thanks also to John McInytre from RealClearPolitics for talking with me about the poll. Those guys are great.

DJ Drummond, at PoliPundit, noticed this first.

Ron Fournier, of the Associated Press, has written an article about the AP/Ipsos poll that shows Kerry leading Bush by four points. RealClearPolitics has the poll on its poll average. But, when you click on the link to the poll, it goes to the Ron Fournier article. The article does not link to the poll.

DJ Drummond and I have both checked the Ipsos/AP website and there is nothing, zilch, zero, nada about Fournier’s poll. Where is it? Does it really exist?

Has Ron Fournier found a fabricated poll to report some anti-Bush nonsense? That is highly unlikely, but there is no data from the poll other than Ron’s article. Where is the poll?