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A sign that a campaign is desperate is when the campaign flails everything and the kitchen sink at their opponent, oblivious to the truth of the story. That’s what is going on with the Kerry campaign. Kerry first threw the missing explosives story at Bush. Now he is throwing a Halliburton story at Bush. Soon he will be throwing the “Bush Meetings With Aliens” story at Bush from the Weekly World News.

The strategy in the final days is for Kerry to stand or fall on Iraq. He has been hurt repeatedly by Iraq and, with his friends in the media, is now on a last ditch strategy to savage the war and the administration’s handling of the war. I do not think it will work. It reeks of desperation. But, Kerry understands that Bush has made this election about Kerry and how Kerry would handle Iraq. Bush has forced Kerry to play on Bush’s terms, whether he likes it or not. The challenge for the administration, which has proven itself frequently inept at rapid response on Iraq, is to effectively cast Kerry as a desperate candidate flailing about and, in the process, attacking the commitment of our troops, which he is doing.

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