Democrats Delenda Est


As the sun rises tomorrow, the election will be exactly two weeks away. Already voters are casting their voters around the nation. In the average of all polls, Bush is up 3.4% if you factor in Nader and 3% when you leave him out. Even polls that tend to undercount Republicans, like Zogby and CBS/NY Times, are showing the race tied or Bush ahead.

Bush ahead in the polls should be no consolation to Republicans. The Democrats have laid out an aggressive ground game. Having seen what the Republicans were capable of in 2002, the Democrats and their heavily funded 527 organizations are out knocking on doors, scaring black voters, and driving people to the polls — when not busy committing voter fraud.

Now is the time to act. Call your local Republican party. Get involved with the local Bush-Cheney operation. The world of tomorrow is shaped by the actions of today. Democrats Delenda Est.

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