First, this is post number 2601. Pretty good for a solo act.

Now, on to the important topic. My wife and I both love to cook. Christy is an excellent baker. Unfortunately, she’ll make a batch of cookies and we cannot eat the whole batch. A large portion tend to go stale and get tossed.

Christy, through her Bible Study group, came up with an excellent idea. She whips up a batch of our favorite cookies, takes a small ice cream scoop and scoops them onto cookie sheets with wax paper on top, freezes them, then puts them in plastic freezer bags. When we want a few cookies, we pull out what we want, thaw for ten minutes, and place in the over. Fresh, hot cookies any time.

We have: chocolate chip, oatmeal-toffee-chocolate chip-pecan (my favorite), chocolate-white chocolate chip, snickerdoodles, sugar, and peanut butter with Reeces Pieces. It is an excellent selection to choose from.