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  • You know, I’m often quite careful when bringing judgment upon complaints from the Left that often mirror compliants from the Right (all this talk about voter fraud and persuasion) because I really want to be fair about it. So I question myself and wonder aloud when seeing certain things like this because I know there might be something on the Right that is just like it. But in this regard I feel I am perfectly justified when I say the comments in that post (or whatever it is) are absolutely disgusting. I’ve seen we on the Right get fired up but I don’t ever recall a site of some acclaim among a certain ideology (NRO or such) having comments of such vitrol or violence. Pick off “white country clbu mother-f**kers?” I mean, give me a break, how stupid and blinded by emotion can you be to talk like that? And this is what I’ve noticed Lefty sites (and messageboards) contain. They may have mirror compliants, but it is the attitude and hate that proves to me which side is coming from safer and more sound ground.

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