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I feel caught in the middle today. Last night, somebody went around town stuffing newspaper boxes and mail boxes with the same flyer seen in Tennessee with Bush’s picture superimposed on a disabled runner with the phrase “Voting for Bush is Like Running in the Special Olympics. You Might Win, But You’ll Still Be Retarded.”

The flyer was stapled to a front and back piece paid for by the Democratic National Committee. One side of the flyer had the top ten reasons W does not stand for women. The other side of the flyer had the top ten reasons Kerry stands for women. The flyer clearly stated, at the bottom, “Paid for by the Democratic National Committee.”

There is a local group in Macon called Women for Kerry. It’s actually a grass roots organization across the nation with a local chapter. The local organizer is a friend with whom I’ve helped prepare several continuing legal education classes on election law. We may disagree politically, but she is an extremely nice lady and I very much doubt that she or the members of her organization would put that flyer out. I laugh at the notion of four 50 to 60 year old women out at midnight stuffing mailboxes with hateful flyers, drinking beer, and spray painting Bush signs. I can picture it, but only comically. Heh. (For the record, there are no allegations of beer drinking, spray painting, or comic laughing. No body is laughing.)

Obviously, the reaction by the local Republican party was sheer outrage. I assisted in the drafting of a press release that worked its way through the channels and, by the end of the day, directly laid the blame at the Women for Kerry-Edwards organization. Agh!

So, the Democratic Women want the Republicans to repudiate the press release. The Republicans want the Democratic Women to repudiate both the retard flyer and the DNC flyer. Neither side will budge, obviously. One side wants me to get the other to repudiate a press release. The other wants me to get the opposing side to repudiate the flyers. I work for the Republicans. I like the Women for Kerry group’s leader and several of their members.

Did I mention I feel caught in the middle? Very frustrating. Let me reinsert a naive point: the purpose of an election is to elect a leader. Dirty tricks help no one and a break down of communication only makes the problem worse.

The Anti GWB side of flyer one.

The Pro Kerry side of flyer one.

The George Bush/Special Olympics smear. FYI, this takes you to Michelle Malkin’s website. My site, for some reason, is not letting me upload the flyer, but it is identical to the one Michelle has on her site.

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  • JF Kerry went off the half-cocked about “missing explosives” without gathering and examining the facts. I hate to say it, but that is what your local Republicans have done. But there is no reason for them to apologize.

    So you don’t think the Women for Kerry-Edwards organization would resort to campaigning in a manner reminiscent of Genghis Kahn? The ABB crowd left the rational building a good while ago, so perhaps whoever gave the flyers to the Women added the “retard” bit and they Women are guilty only of distributing what they were given.

  • You need to stop and think. Why would they go and put this kind of literature in a predominantly Republican neighborhood? These women are the classic bleeding hearts, all of them work for groups that help the disabled. They would never ridicule a disabled person for any reason or every use the word retarded. This flyer is the work of some horrible person who is trying to bring out the worst of everyone. And succeeding because you and a number of other people have become convinced that people who do not agree with you politically are evil.
    The day after this election, we will all still be Americans. Both sides need to cut the other some slack. There is difference of opinion, that’s all. Neither side is all correct or all incorrect. God is neither a Republican or a Democrat.

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