Bush Kicked Ass


When even Chris Matthews declares Bush the winner, you know he pulled it off.

Okay, I admit it. I watched the whole thing. There were a few close calls and a few poor answers, but in its totality, Bush won.

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  • Nah. I’d imagine most people who understand words longer than two syllables had no problem following Kerry, and the ones who can’t are already voting Republican anyway. 😉

    (yeah yeah, that was a cheap shot)

    Bush skulked around the stage like a gorilla, seeming flustered and exasperated, raising his voice even when directly addressing the audience member asking the question. Kerry was cool as a cucumber the whole night.

    As substance goes, both did fine making their arguments. Voters were presented with two very real choices, which is what a debate’s all about, eh?

  • I think it was essentially a tie. However, since the loyal opposition has indicated that Bush is a sub-moronic knuckle-dragger a tie is a loss for Kerry.

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