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  • I don’t think there’s anything wrong with someone saying they hate a politician. Jonah Goldberg agrees with me. I loath George W. Bush with a passion I’ve never loathed a politician with before. And there are more than a few conservatives with me on that one. Among many other reasons, I want Kerry to win simply to open up the chance that the fiscally responsible/non-psychopathic wing of the Republican Party will take over. People more like his dad was.

    Bush’s statement in the debate about “constructionist” judges on the Supreme Court sent a chill down my spine, and the Orwellian language constantly coming out of their spin machine unnerves me like few things have. Remember when he started talking about “character education” earlier this year? Is it not bothersome that the Clear Skies Initiative actually lets people pollute more, and that the Healthy Forests plan actually lets loggers cut down more trees?

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