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The most expensive ad buy this political season. Click above to see it.

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  • Ashley’s Story
    Everyone’s blogging about this new ad: Ashley’s Story. It is an extremely touching ad, and I think it’s the best political commercial I’ve ever seen. (Other blogs: Polipundit, Powerline, The Corner, Hugh Hewitt, Erick Erickson, and Instapundit, a…

  • This is exactly the stuff that people what to hear. Democrats feign care and concern by talking about “standing up for the workers” and “making sure every American has health insurance.” What Dems don’t understand is that true care expressed in one-to-one actions apart from government is what makes this country hum.

    President Bush is keenly aware of this fact, and his policies reflect that understanding. I think the voters will agree on Election Day.

  • This is horrifying. Worse than the Swift Vets, and on a level with the 9/11 images in the Bush ad, this shamelessly exploits the girl’s situation for political agenda.

    Almost makes me ashamed to be interested in politics.

  • Awwww. Bush hugs one little girl in four years and he’s the Messiah. Thanks anyway, I’ll stay in the “reality-based community”.

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