And So It Begins


The last time a large group of veterans got together to coordinate an attack, the boys from WWII were getting together to shove the Commies out of South Korea. Now, a group of Vietnam veterans is getting together for one last good and worthy fight.

The most decorated soldier to grace the United States Military since Douglas MacArthur is returning to battle one last time. This time, he will take on John Kerry.

Lt. Davis, now 62, lost his left eye. The bones in both legs were shattered. But the scars of war are nothing compared to the demons that wake him from his sleep, leaving him drenched in sweat and trembling with fear.

“My latest nightmare was that I was pulling my crew out of the water. When it came to the last body, it was me.”

Lt. Davis has come to Washington at his own expense, along with 89 other Swift Boat Veterans for Truth, to tape the eighth 60-second TV spot questioning Sen. John Kerry’s fitness to be commander in chief.

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