I think so. For weeks and weeks I have been saying I expected Bush to open up a good size margin. I’ve been speculating that a lot of the “Anybody But Bush” crowd was undecided or voting for Kerry because they had concerns about Bush.

I’ve said here repeatedly that if Bush could show he is not a crack-head fundamentalist hell bent on armageddon, he would turn back some of the ABB crowd and pull away from Kerry.

First Time said that had happened and Newsweek shows a 13 point bounce.

Immediately following the Republican
National Convention in New York, the latest Newsweek Poll shows that, in a
two-way presidential trial heat, the Bush/Cheney ticket would win over a
Kerry/Edwards ticket by 54 percent vs. 43 percent among registered voters. In
a three-way trial heat, including Green Party Candidate Ralph Nader, the
Bush/Cheney ticket would still win 52 percent to 41 percent for Kerry/Edwards
and 3 percent for Nader/Camejo among registered voters. That represents a
13-point margin bounce for Bush/Cheney since an August 5-10 poll conducted by
Princeton Survey Research Associates International for the Pew Research