The Wolf Bites


A lot of people have sent me a link to this story about the little girl whose Bush-Cheney sign was ripped up.

Yeah, it’s sad. But her dad took her to a John Edwards rally and was surrounded by a bunch of union thugs. Wolves bite. Her dad should have known better.

It’s awful, but it is not surprising.

[UPDATE] Apparently the father is some sort of poser for Democratic abuse. I’m getting reports from several people, including Rusty in the comments, that this guy drags his family from event to event and gets them to cry as someone rips up a sign. Googling you will find him doing it in 1996 and 2000 as well. I would say I’m willing to give the guy the benefit of the doubt, but the fact that he took his little girl to a John Edwards event to hold up a Bush sign just indicates poor judgment to begin with.

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  • Is the dad a politically-active American or a trouble-maker who involves his family? I can’t tell, but either way it is a sad day that the little girl will have these memories her whole life, not therapy-inducing memories I suspect, just memories…

    But Malkin has some upadated info here, including a link to the union’s statement of apology and intention to investigate.

    Elsewhere I have seen quotes from father that the town is a small one and his son would have been instnatly recognized. (No link, sorry.)

  • If the kid IS related to Mr. Parlock, then why did the Union release a press release apologizing for the incident? I say he wasn’t Sophia’s brother…

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