The Urban Legends Candidate


When Kerry cites Richard Clarke and other urban legends, he has no real basis for a campaign.

At least he finally has a theme.

To quote Frau Frabisna, “Lies! All Lies!”

UPDATE: the Pottery Barn reference is another urban legend. You don’t have to buy it if you break it.

If there is one striking point to come out of tonight’s debate, it is that John Kerry has picked a theme. He could have done better, but in the interests of scaring voters becoming the Urban Legends Candidate will probably work.

Tonight he hit the President on the “pottery barn rule,” denied that there was a “coalition,” claimed that the United States has “paid ninety percent of the costs and suffered ninety percent of the deaths,” gave the bogus line on parents having to buy armor for their kids in Iraq, and a host of other misstatements and lies.

The only thing Kerry did not hype tonight was the statement on the draft that he has been saying, which, by the way, is supported by Democrats – not Republicans – in Congress.

So, at least, on September 30, 2004, John Kerry has picked a theme. He is the Urban Legends Candidate. Up next, Kerry will attack the post office for taxing emails and lash out at Starbucks for attacking troops and denying them coffee.

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