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Jim Geraghty makes a great point. Kerry has bought into the draft reinstatement hoax. Will he next denounce the post office for its email tax scheme?

John “Urban Legends” Kerry. What a joke.

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  • Here’s our problem Erick:
    Iraq is not going well. People are dying, in many cases unnecessarily, because we don’t have enough boots on the ground. These “no-go” zones are a joke that’s not remotely funny, and the insurgency is gaining strength because of them. There are three choices for how to proceed, as I (and Robert Novak) see it:

    1) Increase troop strength
    2) Keep troop strength where it is
    3) Pull out completely

    Option two is a recipe for near-Vietnam level quagmire. Option three would lead to an Iraqi civil war and unpredictable geopolitical consequences. So that leaves option one.

    If we intend to win, we need more troops on the ground. Given how thin our reserves are stretched, I’m a little curious about just where Bush thinks he’s going to get the troops. If he has a plan that doesn’t involve a draft, great. I’d love to hear it. But no such plan has been offered. Superficial “stay the course” rhetoric means nothing to me.

    Kerry says he wants our troops out of there by the end of his first term. That may not be a plan you agree with, and it may not be realistic, but it’s more of a plan than Bush has offered for how to proceed.

  • Buy into it? They (and Kerry) didn’t buy into it at all, the campaign planned it.

    The worst part about it that they thought this was a great idea and went through with it.

  • Charlotte, who has a Yahoo account, wanted to post the comment below. She could not because I am currently blocking Yahoo accounts due to an ongoing spam attack. As such, she emailed and asked if I would take care of this. Certainly. Here goes:


    While the firmament looks overcast over Iraq, the sky is not falling. We are resting up some of our extra boots stateside to go in late this year to clean up and prep for the Iraqi elections in January. The insurgency is giving all that it can just now to squirrel our November vote and then the Iraqis’. But, the criminal jihadists and Baathists cannot sustain their ops at this level for long, and Iraqi governmental forces are getting stronger and better equipped to deal with them. Look for a big move against them in November and for better days ahead. Not clear and sunny skies, mind you, but bearable weather.

    This draft talk is completely insane and a bit irresponsible. The US military emphatically does not want a draft and has said its efficiency would be vastly degraded were one to be instituted. My husband, a retired Army officer, is working high-level force structure issues for the future, and I can tell you there is NO interest and no planning for any kind of draft. Our forces may be stretched a bit thin just now, because everybody in the 90s thought the future held only little skirmishes ahead– post-history and peace-time dividend and all that nonsense– because of the fall of the Soviet empire.

    Even given the unfortunate draw-down of our combat units over the past decade, we will make it through the next few years as force restructuring in all sorts of smart ways will begin to be implemented. Don’t worry. Were our military to need warm bodies to throw at our enemies, they would be hollering loud and clear for cannon-fodder draftees. But, thankfully, our top brass is not so self-defeating and has been developing smart force-multiplier strategems and devices. I seriously doubt the scare-mongering Dems know the numbers and force structure issues better than they.

  • Saying the Dems are using scare tactics is a little bit of the pot calling the kettle black, eh?

    That said, “overcast” is a good way to describe the situation. This is still winnable, but procrastination (in particular squabbles between NATO and the Administration over training of police forces) has led to a situation that’s more uncertain and insecure than it should be.

    “Look for a big move against them in November and for better days ahead.”

    This is one of my biggest objections to how this war is being handled. A real offensive against the jihadists hiding in the no-go zones should have been waged months ago. But a real offensive would have led to casualties, and casualties obviously are not good press. By waiting until after our own election to avoid negative press in an election year, the enemy will be stronger when we finally do wage our offensive, leading to more casualties than if we had proceeded earlier. That strikes me as a cynical and irresponsible allocation of resources.

    “Even given the unfortunate draw-down of our combat units over the past decade, we will make it through the next few years as force restructuring in all sorts of smart ways will begin to be implemented.”

    That was a slick jab at Clinton. Just remember it was Bush I (and his Sec. of Defense Dick Cheney) who called for a 30 percent reduction in military spending before that (I believe it was the 1990 State of the Union address, but I might be wrong). Everyone was wrong then, not just Democrats.

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