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Christina F Jeffrey, former historian to the US House of Representatives, has a new blog. Hat tip to Mark Kilmer, who is the blog father.

Christina use to live in Georgia. We traded many an email on a Georgia GOP listserv. She is one of the smartest people around. No doubt her blog will soon become a daily read.

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  • Hey Erik! Congratulations for being the first person to congratulate me on my blog, besides the blog father, Mark Kilmer, who of course had to. This is actually my second attempt–the first one, [email protected] was a disappointment to my blogfather as I just used it to post published articles and you know, that’s not genuine blogging. So here I go again, and I promise to be more faithful this time.

    BTW, next semester I’ll be teaching Constitutional Law so I’ll be looking for ideas–more about that later.

    Meanwhile, I posted an article a few minutes ago on the Klam story–then saw that you had too–great minds or is it great blogs are attracted to the same phenomena? You were nicer to the NYT than I was–I want to de-leftify them all–CBS, NBC, ABC (what a jerk that Jennings is), and most especially the bi-coastal bad guys of the print media, the LA and NY Times.

    As soon as my blogfather tells me how to do it, I’ll link my blog to yours.

    Althebest, happy to be back in touch…

    christina (semi-famous in S.C.)

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