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Jed Babbin has a very interesting post over at The Corner on National Review Online about Mrs. Knox’s interview with Dan Rather.

Col. Bill Campenni (USAF, Ret.) wondered just how Mrs. Knox would have more knowledge than Killian’s son. He told me that not only was young Killian the son of the squadron commander, he was a member of the squadron on duty with the rest of the guys. Mrs. Knox — the squadron secretary — only knew paper. Not people. Killian’s son was in a very good position to know, and she wasn’t.

Mrs. Knox said she remembered that Killian was upset because Mr. Bush didn’t take his flight physical. And she transforms Killian’s supposed frustration into a statement that the other pilots werer resentful of Mr. Bush be cause of his attitude. That’s flatly false according to both Campenni and Joe Glavin, another pilot who flew with Dubya. I asked Glavin if there was any such resentment of Bush. He said, “Absolutely not,” and added that you’d have a really hard time finding anyone who would agree with that.

So, let’s recap. The documents are forged, according to the secretary who is an admitted “yellow dog democrat.” The information contained in the memos is authentic because Mrs. Knox heard people in the squadron say those things. The guys who flew with Bush in the squadron, who we could assume are the ones who said those things, deny that those things were said.

The only grain of truth appears to be that Bush did not take a physical, but that it was acceptable for him not to take it because he had ceased flying. The plane he flew was no longer used and he was headed to Harvard, therefore there was no need to waste money training him — let alone making him take a flight physical.

Will someone please remind me why this is news?

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  • This not the first time this story has come up. It’s come up from multiple angles. And in fact, it’s come up from multiple angles in the past week alone. Kitty Kelley will print rumors without double-sourcing them, but she always says they’re just rumors. She interviewed Bush’s economics teacher from college, who said Bush mentioned one day that his dad got him into the Guard. And either Republicans haven’t been following this, or people have short memories, because this item has popped up periodically from numerous angles. If you don’t believe it, then provide a plausible alternate explanation as to how Bush leapfrogged over a massive waiting list to get one of the most coveted spots in the Guard.

    Even without a single scrap of other evidence, based on the fact that our guy was in the so-called Champagne Division with some other sons of prominent people, and got in late despite the fact that the Guard was overflowing with applicants trying to get out of Vietnam, it’s really not unreasonable to assume that his dad had something to do with this.

    If not because of his dad, then why? His steller straight-C record in school? His alochol problem? What exactly made this kid SO attractive that all those other guys suddenly looked like chopped liver in comparison?

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