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Dan Rather has been, well, rather dismissive of blogs as journalists, despite arguably better credentials than most journalists.

He is not the only person in the media to do that. Even such supposed bastions of the right wing as Fox have not all together taken blogging seriously — though one of the Powerline guys will be on with Brit Hume tonight.

Let me ask you, dear reader, this question. The newspapers are hostile to the broadcasters are hostile to the cable news outlets are hostile to Fox News are hostile to most talk radio are hostile to bloggers. Granted, there are exceptions.

Is the hostility liberal vs. conservative or is it oligopoly against those who might try to take marketshare?

While I think the media tends to be liberal, I personally think it tends to be that the media has a distrust of the free market, stemming from their liberalism, and the media does not like competition. Therefore, the media, which tends to be liberal, shows hostility to Fox News and blogs, which steal marketshare, and that hostility is further inflammed by the preception that the blogs and Fox are tools of the VRWC.

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