Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire


Mark A. Kilmer’s Political Annotation notes that:

JF Kerry’s campaign now admits to having lied to Outdoor Life magazine about his ownership of a “Communist Chinese assault rifle” to remind him of the “M-16 that saved my life and that of my crew in Vietnam.”

Kerry now argues that he does not own a Communist Chinese assault rifle and he blames his aides for filling out the questionnaire incorrectly.

Sorry, John, your wife already used that excuse with the awful pumpkin spice cookie recipe. Blame the secret service on falling while skiing, blame the aides on botched recipes, blame the aides on statements about guns — people, embrace your mistakes, admit them, and move on. Blaming other people gets you no where.

This all begs the question, if Kerry gets to the White House, exactly with whom will the buck stop?

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