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Susan Estrich says the Democrats are mad as hell and they are about to launch a scorched earth attack against the Republicans.


You have to fight fire with fire, mud with mud, dirt with dirt.

The trouble with Democrats, traditionally, is that we’re not mean enough. Dukakis wasn’t. I wasn’t. I don’t particularly like destroying people. I got into politics because of issues, not anger. But too much is at stake to play by Dukakis rules, and lose again.

That is the conclusion Democrats have reached. So watch out. Millions of dollars will be on the table. And there are plenty of choices for what to spend it on.

I’m not promising pretty.

What will it be?

Will it be the three, or is it four or five, drunken driving arrests that Bush and Cheney, the two most powerful men in the world, managed to rack up? (Bush’s Texas record has been sealed. Now why would that be? Who seals a perfect driving record?)

After Vietnam, nothing is ancient history, and Cheney is still drinking. What their records suggest is not only a serious problem with alcoholism, which Bush but not Cheney has acknowledged, but also an even more serious problem of judgment. Could Dick Cheney get a license to drive a school bus with his record of drunken driving? (I can see the ad now.) A job at a nuclear power plant? Is any alcoholic ever really cured? So why put him in the most stressful job in the world, with a war going south, a thousand Americans already dead and control of weapons capable of destroying the world at his fingertips.

. . . .

Are you shocked? Not fair? Who said anything about fair? Remember President Dukakis? He was very fair. Now he teaches at Northeastern University. John Kerry has been very fair in dealing with the Swift Boat charges. That’s why so many of my Democrat friends have decided to stop talking to the campaign, and start putting money together independently.

The arrogant little Republican boys who have been strutting around New York this week, claiming that they have this one won, would do well to take a step back. It could be a long and ugly road to November.

What is so troubling is that I can see it happening and I don’t trust that it will backfire.

The Democrats have been driven to the edge of insanity because they have lost their source of power. Much like a crack addict needs another hit, the Dems need another dose of power. Much like a crack addict will rape, rob, and steal to get another hit, the Dems will do the same — though figuratively — to get another dose of power.

Be prepared and be forewarned. It is going to get ugly.

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  • I find Estrich to be a thoroughly detestable person. Her nasty voice is not half so ugly as her diatribes.

  • Dont worry about Susan. My sources tell me that the only reason that she doesnt have Clinton DNA on her dress is because she swallows. With a motuh that big, Bill couldnt possibly miss. 😉

  • Susan still doesn’t realise that Kerry is lying about his service in Vietnam. And isn’t she teaching at UCLA?

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