The Gallup poll is out. Internals will be released tomorrow. As it stands:

Bush – 54% (revised up to 55%)
Kerry – 40% (revised up to 42%)
Nader – 3% (who really cares about this number)

Frankly, I have begun to ignore the Nader number. But, he is on the ballot in some swing states. Not enough to matter, though.

UPDATE: I have put in parenthesis the updated numbers. The AP report I got mine from last night were slightly off.

The full story is here: here.

Of interest. While Harris showed Bush behind by one, it concluded on Monday. Pew showed Bush ahead significantly for the first two days of its poll and then showed Kerry ahead for two days. I suspect they tinkered with the poll because the consistency of Bush behind ahead was questioned — it is, after all, suppose to be a 50-50 nation.

Gallup was the only poll consistently conduced this week and that captured the full impact of Rathergate. Gallup also has been steady as of late without hugely significant fluctuations. All that being said, you should really check out the poll average at Real Clear Politics, which has Bush up just over 5%.

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