It looks more and more and more like many of the documents used by 60 Minutes were, in fact, forged. Powerline has done a fantastic job and now ABC is even in on the act with this summation:

* The memos were written using a proportional typeface, where letters take up variable space according to their size, rather than fixed-pitch typeface used on typewriters, where each letter is allotted the same space. Proportional typefaces are available only on computers or on very high-end typewriters that were unlikely to be used by the National Guard.

*The memos include superscript, i.e. the “th” in “187th” appears above the line in a smaller font. Superscript was not available on typewriters.

*The memos included “curly” apostrophes rather than straight apostrophes found on typewriters.

*The font used in the memos is Times Roman, which was in use for printing but not in typewriters. The Haas Atlas — the bible of fonts — does not list Times Roman as an available font for typewriters.

*The vertical spacing used in the memos, measured at 13 points, was not available in typewriters, and only became possible with the advent of computers.

This is damaging for CBS News and Dan Rather — both are already perceived to be biased. But, what could also be impacted is the zealous rate of pursuit in chasing Bush stories. Nothing has yet fully been disproved about Kerry — besides there are 264 living, breathing people swearing out affidavits. In Bush’s case, the words are apparently forged under the name of a dead guy.

The Dems will soon be full of conspiracies that Karl Rove is manipulating all of this for some gain from Bush.