The Political Insider notes that

Georgia Secretary of State Cathy Cox has issued a set of emergency orders aimed at the November elections. One of them declares advance polling spots off-limits to campaigns and candidates. During the primary, it was discovered that a loophole left early voters subject to button-holing by campaigners, even candidates, when they came to cast their ballots. DeKalb County generated the most complaints during the primary. Campaigns now must keep 150 feet away from spots where early voters do their stuff, beginning Monday, Oct. 25, through Friday, Oct. 29. The same distance rules apply to regular polling stations on Nov. 2.

In the same batch of emergency orders, Cox now will require that county registrars transmit vote totals to her office when one-third of the precinct counts are tabulated, when two-thirds of the precinct counts are tabulated and when the whole batch is finished. It is an Election Night issue. It seems that some counties have reputations for savoring the drama and wanting their numbers to have a big splash — by sending in their results only after all the other 158 counties have submitted theirs.

Are you listening, Fulton?